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Our 3-year warranty service covers all types of interventions, including travel costs, spare parts, and labor. Depending on the nature of the issue, our Technical Department will determine whether your product needs to be fully replaced, repaired on-site, or picked up and transported to our repair shop.
Warranty Services Extension

At the time of purchase, you have the option to extend the warranty period from 3 to 5 years. The cost for each additional year of warranty varies based on the type of massage chair.
5-Year Post-Warranty

Even after the warranty period has expired, you can still benefit from our post-warranty services. If you encounter any technical difficulties with your massage chair, please reach out to us for assistance.
To ensure the validity of your product's warranty, we strongly advise carefully reading the user's manual provided with your purchase to avoid any actions that may void the warranty.


  • Neck to toe massage
  • Full body pressure massage
  • Audio system (wireless built-in speakers in the house)
  • Footrest is automatically extendable (perfect for tall people)
  • Chair scans and adjusts intelligently
  • 3D roller system; Infrared heating (perfect in winter)
  • Full air pressure massage (shoulders, back, buttocks, arms, legs)
  • Massage airbags on shoulders, arms, legs, back
  • Spinal stretching and relaxation functions
  • Reflexotherapy
  • Incredible massage
  • Foot massage
  • Massage from neck to feet.
  • Pleasant massage for all who have tried
  • Foot massage with massage airbags
  • Magnetic therapy




    *Three Year Warranty

    Neck to toe massage.

    This new massage chair has the function and purpose to adapt to the characteristics of the human skeleton and incorporates the following functions or features: zero gravity, zero space, full body massage with massage airbags, 130cm SL rail massage, Guasha rollers in the plants, bluetooth audio system for music. This Komoder chair will give you the best massage experience in your own home, helping you stay healthy and active every day.

    Pressure massage for the whole body.

    Innovative air pump function, it can work synchronously and continuously to provide the necessary force to all massage airbags that will hug you. Both the relaxing stereo massage and the strong pressure of the massage airbags are precise and unique, allowing you to enjoy a stimulating, gentle or deep massage.

    Audio system. Built-in speakers. No wires in the house

    You have the option of using a smartphone or tablet to play music.

    Connect the chair to your phone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth. The armchair is equipped with a set of speakers integrated into the backrest and, through the Bluetooth connection, you can listen to your favorite music directly from your mobile phone.

    The footrest is automatically extendable. Perfect for tall people.

    The footrest comes with an updated version based on previous models of the chair. It is a completely new design, which is intended to provide greater comfort for users of up to approx. 195 – 200 cm, making Everest an ideal massage chair for tall users or anyone who needs more legroom.

    Chair scans and intelligently adjusts

    The new Everest is equipped with an automatic shoulder location system. This system involves a preliminary scan of each massage session to detect the height and weight of the user so that the massage session is perfectly personalized.

    3D roller system

    The new Everest massage chair is equipped with a set of silent intelligent 3D mechanical hands, which will move up and down, stretching back and forth, in addition to lateral movements. These mechanical hands help to detect the parameters of each user: weight and height.

    Infrared heating – perfect in winter

    The rear heating function at 40º-50º C eliminates the feeling of cold and back pain. The wavelength of the infrared rays matches the wavelength of the human body, allowing energy to be absorbed by human cells, activating cells and stimulating metabolism.

    Complete air pressure massage (shoulders, back, butt, arms, legs)

    This function is recommended to activate bone regeneration, to eliminate muscle tension and joint stiffness, allowing you to maintain your health. This stretch is performed with the help of the shoulder, arm and leg massage cushions.

    Massage airbags on shoulders, arms, legs, rear.

    Everest uses capsule-type armrests, built-in massage airbags and a granular surface, so that the arms can benefit from a comfortable massage, regardless of the angle at which the chair is located. Thanks to the combination of air pressure massage of the butt, certain areas of the feet and the “zero gravity” function, your body will enjoy a feeling of comfort.

    Stretching and relaxation functions of the spine

    This function is recommended to activate bone regeneration, to eliminate muscle tension and joint stiffness, allowing you to maintain your health. This stretch is performed with the help of the shoulder, arm and leg massage cushions.

    Reflexotherapy. Awesome massage.

    The reflex therapy massage is performed with a plate equipped with rollers, and the foot support extends without steps to accommodate different heights.

    Foot massage

    The footrest is equipped with massage airbags for pressure massage plus 8 natural magnets.

    Neck to toe massage

    The chair benefits from a special technology involving an “L” shaped curved rail, the result of a long study combined with the latest knowledge in the field. The massage stroke is 130 cm, allowing you to enjoy a personal massage from head to seat, close to the knees.

    Foot massage. Pleasant massage for all who tried it.

    It imitates the touch of the human hand and has advanced technology in terms of rollers, giving you a Guasha massage as if it were performed by a professional masseur. With a radius of 3 cm and centered on the Yongquan point of the plant, the massage offered can be delicate and constant, but it can be even stronger, depending on how you adjust it on the remote control.


    Foot massage with massage airbags

    Various shape massage airbags fully cover the leg, ankle and foot, to give you an unforgettable triple experience. Apply the activation method, sometimes, of the compression, pause and evacuation of air pressure functions, to stimulate the Xuanzhong and Taixi acupressure points, which will bring you perfect comfort and harmony.

    Magnetic therapy

    Magnetic therapy with 8 precisely placed 300cc permanent magnets can improve the low levels of magnetite in the human body by stimulating the Chengshang and Zhonmai acupressure points on the leg.


    Notice: This Product Is Not Suitable For People With High Blood Pressure And Heart Disease.

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