KUMFOR iRESt Robot A1 Massage chair

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KUMFOR iRESt Robot A1 Massage chair 3D/AR VIEWER    

Try true-to-scale models of KUMFOR Massage chair

  • Intelligent Human hand 3D Massage Mechanism.
  • Super Long S+L Track, exclusive 137 CM length from neck to buttocks.
  • Space Saving Tech , slide forward only 5cm against the wall.
  • Zero Gravity Tech, reduces compression of the spine and improves blood flow.
  • Full body Air Massage, 38 queen size air Bags surrounding, eliminates fatigue.
  • Heating Therapy (back), 40°C-50°C.
  • Automatic Footrest Extension , max. 25cm.
  • Foot Massage Tech, 3 Rollers massage with mastoid rotating, scraping, shiatsu.
  • Patent Calf Kneading Tech, alleviate the stiffness or tension of the calf muscles.
  • King-sized 7” Touch Screen Pad Controller, latest UI.
  • Unique 23 Automatic Massage Programs. (the most in industry).
  • USB Charging Port.
  • Quick-access Buttons.
  • Safety Short-circuit Protection.
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Music System, embraced 3D speakers.


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to place the KUMFOR massage chair in your home?


Let’s try it





It’s not just a Massage Chair


ROBORT A1 features the latest advanced technology in therapeutic massage. It’s built with innovative acupressure point sensors designed to pamper your whole body! KUMFOR ROBORT A1 does not just provide respite, it provides complete relaxation, calmness and tranquillity.

A1 Model with 18 Features & LS-Track


Customize Programs with LED Touch screen

Easily view and control your massage program on the 7-inch LED touch screen. And 23 Auto Massage functions. There are 5 levels of adjustable massage speed to suit your needs and 3 levels of adjustable air pressure intensity for a full relaxing feeling from shoulders to your feet.

Infinity Stretching, Fit Shiatsu

Leg part can be adjusted according to user’s height (max 25cm) 


The SL Curved Rail Technology features a 135cm-long body track that contours and follows the shape of your spine and provides deep tissue massage from your neck all the way down. This feature allows you to experience full body stretch not available in regular massage chairs.



Feel Weightless

with Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity is a unique, state of the art technology that allows your legs to comfortably elevate at 118 degrees above your heart, providing you with the most relaxing massage and ultimate tension release. The Zero Gravity position relieves pressure on your back and neck, improves the blood flow to your heart, increases lung expansion and enhances oxygen flow in your body. Zero Gravity simulates a space flight experience. It provides a feeling of “weightlessness” and puts you in a deep state of relaxation.


Shoulder Air Massage

Both airbags massage the shoulders and

hold the body tightly to help ensure

accurate pressure on acupressure points.


Hand & Arm Air Massage

As the arm air expands, press up and down

for an effective massage experience


Waist Air Massage

There are airbags on both sides

of the waist for effective full body massage


Calf & Knee Air Massage

In addition to the air massage,

3 types of hand massages are added.

Moreover, knee massage is adjustable up to 9cm length


Foot Air Massage

The two rollers and air pressure located in the

foot section effectively massage the soles of the feet which is the top of the feet and the achilles tendon.


36 Air Bags Targeting

The Whole Body

This massage chair includes 36 air bags targeting the whole body – from the upper arm, under arm, waist, legs and the foot. The air pressure intensity can be freely adjusted so you can control it to the level you’re comfortable with. The air bags are designed to release tightness and tension on your muscles to relieve pain.




Specifications and technical features



FOCUS: Waist and buttocks. Neck and shoulders. Back and spine. Legs and feet

SPORT: Pre workout. Post workout. After running. After chores

MOMENTS: Morning buzz. Power boost. Sweet Dreams. Meditation

CLASSIC: Thai. Chinese. Pressure massage. Ancient

USER: Pros. For him. For her. Senior

PARTICULAR: Sweet hug. Deep release. Streching. Deep Breath







Shiatsu 3D

Double massage system:

I. Upper system with two massage arms (4 rollers) for upper back and neck. (784 mm long)

II. Lower system with two massage arms (4 rollers) for the lower back and sacral area (861 mm long)

Touchscreen tablet

Yes. 7 Inch Display. On stand

3D massage intensity

5 levels


Yes, every 20 minutes, up to a 30-minute massage session

Space saving system

Yes. Sliding 10 cm


25 cm automatic extendable, with security sensor

Airbags for hip area


Airbags for calf area


Buttocks massage


Calves massage

Airbags calves kneading


3 reflexogenic rollers

3 extra pillows

For the cervical area and for the back


For the lower back



Weight (kg)

160 kg

Power supply

220 - 230V



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