Disclaimer - KUMFOR Massage Chairs

KUMFOR Company hereby provides the following disclaimer regarding the usage and handling of our massage chairs:

  1. Misusage and Mishandling: KUMFOR Company shall not be held responsible for any damages to goods and property, injuries, or fatalities that may occur due to the misusage or mishandling of our massage chairs by users or pets. It is the responsibility of the user to utilize the massage chairs in accordance with the provided instructions and guidelines to ensure safety and prevent any potential harm.

  2. Health and Medical Conditions: KUMFOR Company shall not be liable for any health and medical conditions or any relevant information, including special delivery, handling, and installation conditions, that are intentionally or unintentionally withheld by potential or final clients. Such withholding of information may lead to undesirable outcomes, including damage to goods and property, exacerbation of pre-existing physical or mental conditions, or harm, injury, or death. Clients are advised to disclose any pertinent information to ensure their safety and well-being.

  3. Delivery Delays: KUMFOR Company shall not be held responsible for any delivery delays caused by customs procedures, natural factors, traffic conditions, or any external factors or unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the pickup, shipment, and delivery processes to the final client. While we strive to provide prompt and efficient delivery services, external factors beyond our control may affect the delivery timeline.

  4. Unfulfilled Orders: KUMFOR Company shall not be held responsible for any unfulfilled orders resulting from client cancellations, whether with or without prior notice. We also disclaim liability for cases where it is not possible to contact the client upon delivery or when incorrect shipping and final delivery addresses have been communicated. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure accurate and up-to-date information for successful order fulfillment.

This disclaimer is in effect to protect both KUMFOR Company and its clients. Clients are advised to carefully read and understand this disclaimer before using our massage chairs, and to reach out to our customer service representatives for any clarification or additional information.