The development of massage chairs in China

The development of massage chairs in China has gone through the following stages:

  • 1980s: China began importing massage chair technology from Japan and other countries and started domestic production of massage chairs. These early Chinese massage chairs mainly featured basic vibration and kneading functions to provide a simple massage experience.

  • 1990s: With ongoing technological advancements, Chinese massage chairs started incorporating more advanced features and massage techniques. By introducing rolling, airbag, and complex massage programs, Chinese massage chairs began offering more comprehensive and diversified massage experiences.

  • 2000s: The Chinese massage chair industry witnessed rapid development, with the emergence of more domestic brands and manufacturers. Chinese massage chairs began focusing on ergonomic design and intelligent functions to provide a more user-oriented and comfortable experience.

  • Recent years: The technological level of Chinese massage chairs has continued to improve, not only in terms of functionality and performance but also in terms of design and user experience. Chinese massage chairs now combine traditional massage techniques with modern technologies such as intelligent control, sound therapy, and remote control functionalities.

The market size of massage chairs in China has been expanding, driven by increasing demand from domestic consumers. Chinese manufacturers are committed to enhancing product quality and technological innovation to meet the growing market needs. Additionally, Chinese massage chairs are gradually expanding into international markets, becoming significant participants in the global massage chair industry.

Overall, the Chinese massage chair industry is continuously innovating and developing, providing consumers with advanced, comfortable, and personalized massage experiences guided by technological advancements and consumer demands.

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